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Marketing Envy leads B2B tech companies and startups to dream, launch, and land their marketing goals. Our years of experience in reaching targeted professionals mean we can humbly and confidently call ourselves the expert team!

We provide results-driven marketing services that will boost your business and leave competitors in awe. Marketing Envy helps develop your messaging, while defining and testing your target audience.

Your inbound marketing will outperform with original SEO-driven content fuelled by social media distribution on steroids .

We will build your sales funnel using all major PPC and acquisition channels to generate oodles of marketing qualified leads that will flow into a finely-tuned marketing automation machine.

And there’s so much more….

Our customer churn rate is exceptionally low and we are proud of the reputation we’ve earned since we opened our doors in 2014.

The agency was founded by Amit Lavi and Billy Cina and is based in Ramat Gan, Israel. Between us we have accumulated decades of senior marketing experience working with oodles of tech start-ups and international brands in Israel, UK, Ireland and Australia. Our multi-national team of ridiculously professional and dedicated marketers are driven by and awarded based on our customers’ success.

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Enough About Us, What About You?
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While our website is intended to be a little light entertainment, we do take our work and your company’s success VERY seriously. We can lead you to reach your goals through solid marketing that works.
Please contact us to learn how.