Startup Marketing

We provide result-driven, marketing services that will boost your business and leave competitors in awe. Here’s what we’ve learned from almost 30 years of combined experience working with oodles of tech startups globally:

  • You’ve earned the funding, now you need to scale fast
  • There’s lots to do and you don’t have a lot of resources
  • Marketing is key but there’s little (or no) infrastructure in place
  • You need to start telling your story far and wide to generate awareness and leads

Where do you start? Well, with Marketing Envy is a good base.  

You need a marketing strategy that has long term goals while being flexible enough to easily adapt to market changes and other surprises. A 12 month strategy is long enough for a young startup with quarterly goals planned and reviewed.

Unlike other marketing agencies, Marketing Envy shares the knowledge. We will gladly lead you to run your own marketing show, no tricks or secrets withheld.

Our services include:

  • Messaging and Positioning
    We help you define and articulate what you do, who you do it for and why yours is the best, EVER. Solid messaging will ensure you stand out in the crowd.
  • Multi-channel PPC
    Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Outbrain – we love them all and will integrate them to the max to get results, also known as, LEADS. We’ll get the right people to visit you via LinkedIn and convert the next time they’re searching for a solution like yours. You only pay for the ads that trigger a reaction.
  • Content Marketing & Social Media
    Original content creation based on an understanding of your target audience and research of the keywords they use to search content. We use your channels to engage with thought leaders, not silent followers.
  • B2B Lead Generation
    If leads are what you want, we will work with you on a strategy, and budget to make them happen.
  • Marketing Automation with HubSpot 
    We use HubSpot to help you convert more leads into customers. We create goal-based nurturing strategies that make your campaigns hyper-specific to every individual contact.

When you partner with Marketing Envy for your online marketing, we make sure that your prospects really understand how you bring value to their business. Your messaging, product values and strengths will be refined to stand out and shine in.

EverCompliant, Coronet, Cyberint, Screemo, Xplenty, Portnox, Cymmetria and Aqua Security, are just a handful of the startups we provide proven strategic marketing for, and have no doubt we can work wonders for you too. Contact us today.

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