PPC for B2B

Some say that the B2B buying process has changed drastically and that securing marketing or sales qualified leads is increasingly more difficult. We are not that agency. We are the agency that believes that the level of noise is the issue, and we’ve got proven ways to cut through it.

Marketing Envy specializes in PPC lead generation. Our dedicated team of Google and Facebook alumni research, devise  and implement unique strategies for our clients. That’s all they do, day in, day out and so they’re really good at their job!  

We’ll show you how to take your marketing strategy and amplify it 10-fold with PPC. Our process starts by listening to you, you know your target customer more than anyone. Then it’s our turn to get down to business:

  • Conduct keyword research to understand exactly what your target audience is searching for
  • Run reports on what your competitors are up to… and how much they are spending
  • Agree on budget spend and estimated KPIs
  • Write the ads and make sure they speak your brand’s language and fit the keywords
  • Suggest design concepts based on your existing brand or help you discover your tone of voice
  • Build, manage and optimize multi-channel PPC campaigns (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Outbrain etc)
  • Build optimized landing pages
  • Create workflows for nurturing through follow up emails and additional content
  • Measure our success according to the number of marketing qualified leads. Because nothing else really matters, does it?

Ultimately, our mission is to drive potential customers into your sales funnel, and PPC should be a strategic part of that.

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