Cybersecurity B2B Marketing

Do you break out in a cold sweat every time you read about yet another cybersecurity company getting funding?

Does the thought of differentiating yourself at RSA make you feel like a failure before the conference even begins?

Do MQLs keep you awake at night?

We feel your pain and we totally get it.

Whether you’re a new startup or an established tech company in the industry, that doesn’t have to be part of your company’s narrative. The majority of our cybersecurity clients turn to us for their inbound marketing and PPC lead generation after they’ve tried to do it on their own and realized that it’s just not happening in the way that they know it really can.

And this is where we enter the game as a team of cybersecurity marketing experts whose inbound and PPC strategies have proven to deliver growth through lead generation and brand awareness.

Marketing Envy specializes in online marketing solutions for cybersecurity companies that want to differentiate themselves, become the incumbent of their ecosystem in a language their customers understand and of course, grab those MQLs.

In short, if you need bottom line results from your marketing as opposed to top level blah blah, talk to us. Our marketing sprouts from industry knowledge, creativity, and lots and lots of testing and experience.

creative messaging

Creative Messaging

inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing with tons of performing content

influencer marketing

Community & influencer marketing on Reddit, HackerNews and social media

multi channel ppc

Multi-channel PPC lead generation




SEO with perfected keyword strategy

HubSpot icon

Marketing & Sales Automation with Hubspot

Our marketing successes speak for themselves with Aqua Security, Coronet, CyberInt, Cymulate, Indegy, Luminate, Minerva Labs, PlainID, SecuredTouch and Vulcan Cyber as some of our spectacular customers.

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We can work wonders for you too. Let’s talk.

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