PPC Lead Generation

Some say that the B2B buying process has changed drastically and that securing qualified leads is increasingly difficult. We are not that agency.

We are the agency that believes that the level of noise is the issue, and we know how to cut right through it. Running  multi-channel PPC campaigns is indispensable nowadays, especially when your goal is to boost lead generation in order to build your sales pipeline.

Marketing Envy specializes in ABM-based PPC lead generation and has a dedicated team of Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn alumni with (not too many ;)) years of experience. We research, devise and implement unique strategies for our clients, because we don’t believe in a “One Size Fits Them All” approach.


AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter



Landing pages

Landing pages


Emails & workflows

Campaigns Ads

Campaign ads

Tracking & measurement

Tracking & measurement

Aqua Security, CyberBit, CyberInt, Vulcan, Forter, Magic Software, Sarine, PlainID and SecuredTouch, are just a handful of MQL-happy clients who we work with

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We can work wonders for you too. Let’s talk.

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